No Magic Wand.

Just Caring Therapy for Real People.


I was born and raised in Canada. My parents immigrated to Canada from Europe before I was born.  My family, inclusive of an older brother, filled a home with love and nurturance, and thanks to my caring parents, we always had our needs met through the good times, as well as, the not so good times. 


As early as 14 years old, I knew I would be a counselor when I grew up. I went to college in Michigan where I met my husband within my first semester, and ultimately received a Bachelor of Science in psychology.  


Within our first year of marriage, he was diagnosed with cancer. Together we faced the many doctors’ appointments, surgeries, and what proved to be a feeling of constant fear. Fortunately, he weathered the challenging battle, and is now in full remission.


In 2003, we eagerly moved to Texas to enjoy a new life. I went to graduate school and earned my Master of Science in counseling, and was pregnant with our daughter shortly thereafter. Just before she was born, life threw us yet another curve ball. My husband injured his back and after many tests, he was diagnosed with four severely damaged discs. I still remember clearly the look in our doctor's eyes as he came into the room with the news.  He had completed a procedure on my husband’s spine, but there was nothing that could be done. Our only option was pain management by means of a pain pump.


Unfortunately, it did not fix everything like a magic wand.


After more than a year standing by my husband who required constant bed-rest and care, our brand new baby girl, and a huge lack of sleep, I came face to face with caregiver burnout – a fancy term for completely exhausted! With the help of my very supportive friends and family, I was able to gain a stronger grasp on my life.  And with the help of an increasingly effective pain management pump, my husband's pain lessened, thankfully giving us our life back.


We now have two wonderful children (a girl and a boy). I have chosen to home school, which has allowed me the amazement of watching them grow, learn, and become who they are. The path of motherhood has also challenged me to be a more genuine person and to fine-tune what is really important in this life of mine. Between the unique challenges with which our medical history has left us, and parenting two young children, I have become more creative in my solutions to problems.


I still don't have a magic wand, but I come to the therapy room, as your therapist, with the knowledge, life-experience, and belief that we can change our lives and improve and build upon what we already have.


I look very forward to meeting you.