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M.Ed., LPC

Welcome! Counseling, in my opinion, is a beautiful opportunity you give yourself to come as you are, figure out how you got here, and decide where you want to go moving forward. My priority is to create a safe space in which you can explore aspects of yourself and your life that might be too difficult or painful to face on your own.  Through this process, it is possible to move toward greater self-acceptance, peace of mind, and to gain ability to see the many choices available to you in crafting your life.  


I come to this field of counseling via a lifelong fascination with psychology and the desire to learn as much as possible about the mystery of being a human. How do we become who we are? To what extent are we “born this way” and to what extent are we a product of what has happened to us? Can we know the answers to these questions, and what can we do about it anyway? These are questions that continue to fuel my curiosity as well as my passion for pursuing self-awareness and growth.  I don’t believe a blissful state of total happiness or perfect self-actualization is quite realistic, but I do believe that through healthy habits and strong connections with others, we can build a meaningful, joyful life, in which we make the most of our strengths and goals while also leaning on the supports of the communities we build. 


The journey toward strong mental health is often about balance. This means that the focus of counseling will depend on your current needs as well as your personal goals.  We may spend time increasing awareness of emotions, developing healthy thought patterns, or exploring how past life experiences are impacting current habits and difficulties.  I have also been trained in Humanistic Sandtray Therapy, an approach developed by Dr. Stephen Armstrong, Ph.D.  I am passionate about this creative approach, in which you are invited to use the sand tray (yes, essentially a sandbox for adults!) to create scenes and express yourself in a symbolic way. The sand tray may help you connect with emotions in a new way, gain perspectives and insights, and generally become “unstuck” in the therapy process. 


It is my greatest hope that each person who comes to therapy will have an experience of being accepted as they are, for who they are, without judgement in any form. I understand the pain of feeling like the people or environment around you are not allowing you to express the most authentic version of yourself, or as if you are not “living your best life” in whatever sense that means to you.  Therapy can be one method of giving yourself the opportunity to grow into the person you want to be.  I look forward to joining you in this sometimes difficult, but always worthwhile endeavor.