Licensed Massage Therapist

FW Weekly Staff Pick for

Best Massage 2017, 2018, 2019

I view a massage as an opportunity for me to read the body like braille. I have even been known to spend half the massage with my eyes closed as I feel I can listen to your body more intently. A massage is an opportunity for both your brain and heart to calm down. An opportunity for you to still your mind and become present again, or to let go of the daily monotony and brain-chatter. As a massage therapist, I enjoy getting to know and building strong foundations with my clients. So let me introduce myself, so you can enjoy your peaceful “me-time” and I can dedicate my energy to helping heal you from the outside, in. 


I grew up in Haslet, TX which at the time was considered the country, with my fairly traditional fairly southern baptist family. Like many others, at 13 my parents divorced and I lived with my mother. Fast forward to high school, I fall for a Mormon boy and follow him to Washington state where I am baptized a Mormon and graduate, while he on his mission. Shortly after, at 19, I came back to Texas and never looked back.  


[I have been teased by friends about going from one extreme to the other in this regard, although I like to think that I’m just giving my all if not, a little TOO much. I’ve always considered myself a “seeker” of knowledge. I’m always wanting to know the inside and outs, the “why’s” of it all.] 


So by 22 I had moved back to texas, lived the music-scene life while I managed a mall record store, and then transitioned to managing a prestigious professional makeup line and working backstage at fashion shows (see: wanting to know ins and outs of it all). Throughout this time, I met my tattoo artist who almost immediately became my husband. In our eight years together, he taught me a lot about life and relationships and communication, but our demons got the best of us both and when I was 28 he, (on his 36th birthday), took his life.  


The trauma of losing my husband in such a way, and all that comes with suicide, obviously wasn’t easy but I sought knowledge and took the time to deal with my own demons, while surrounding myself with a group of people who cocooned me in love. As if sent from above, I was given life long friendships, as well as my rock and (now) husband. At 30, I graduated from massage school, gave birth to (my now 5 year old) daughter, June Ellington, and was re-married. In an effort to better our family my husband has returned to school full-time to gain his second degree. We spend our free time together as a family, usually hammock camping when possible.


Through the years I have continued to seek. I know that with the door that was closed, an opulent garden gate was opened and my eyes are still widened daily to life’s gifts and beauties. I have learned how connected we are to each other. I have learned that love is the greatest gift we have been given, and can give. I know that my gift here on earth is to use my hands to create and heal and share that love.


With all of this being said, I take the word “Therapy” in my work of massage very seriously and strive towards a goal that you and I will communicate and agree upon. I like to keep my clients up to date on what I feel and what I think may help between massage appointments if there is a problem area we are addressing. If you are on my table to de-stress then long fluid swedish strokes are used, along with kneading and gentle manipulation to help relax your body and help promote the parasympathetic system activity.


I would be honored to share my gift of therapeutic massage with you.  In an effort to save time and get right down to the “good stuff”, here is a printable client intake form you may print and bring filled out to your first appointment. I look forward to embarking on new relationships and journeys together. 

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