I am very proud of the familial tone and supportive environment in which we each participate so as to generate a supervision experience that is rewarding, educational and FUN.


I am a licensed LPC-Supervisor in the state of Texas. If you are an LPC Intern seeking supervision, please consider contacting me. I offer a cozy, private practice, with a strong training in ethics and professional conduct, as well as a creative, expansive glance at therapy, emotional well-being and communicative practices.


Once I receive your resume and your letter of interest (a casually written note that tells why you’d like to work under my Supervision and what it is you would like to accomplish during your Supervision hours), I will contact you to set up an interview. 


Once we meet and talk for a bit, I will then determine if you are a fit for my practice and for my supervision. I am rather picky about whom I am willing to teach, and from whom I am willing to learn (I believe the supervision relationship is a 2-way learning opportunity).


So be competitive and be ready to knock out those 3,000 hours!! 


I look forward to hearing from you. 


Email your resume and letter of interest



Masters Degree or PhD in Counseling or Psychology from an accredited university and completion of all classes and practicum as required by the LPC Board. For more detailed information visit the LPC Board website.


  • Successful completion of the National Counselor Exam (NCE) and Jurisprudence Exam (I will require proof of both for your Intern "Blue" Folder)

  • Complete a supervision contract form which both parties must sign. (This signed contract will be in your Intern "Blue" Folder)

  • Apply for LPC Licensure (also known as the temporary license). All LPC Intern documents are to be sent to the Texas State Board of Examiners. Your application process may take FOUR TO SIX MONTHS to be processed. (Once received, a copy of this license will be in your Intern "Blue" Folder) 

  • An Intern must obtain 3,000 total clock hours while under supervision. 1,500 hours must be direct client contact during a minimum of 18 months.
    (You will be required to have an on-going log of hours that I sign off on EACH week during our supervision meeting, and kept in your Intern
    "Blue" Folder)

  • I will also require you to obtain your own Professional Liabitlity Insurance. 
    (A copy of proof of this coverage will be required for your Intern "Blue" Folder)


  • The LPC Intern license will no longer be eligible for renewal or extension.
    The license will now be issued for a 5-year time frame with no provision for renewal or extension beyond the 5 years.