Hi! I’m Alex and I’m so happy you’re here.


I want to start with telling you a little bit about my journey. I was raised by young parents who loved my sister and I fiercely but had a lot of demons to fight. My mom passed away when I was 13, which significantly impacted the trajectory of my life. My mother was physically and mentally ill and my father struggled with substance abuse.


I spent most of my teenage years taking care of my sister and my dad to the best of my ability. My sister and I always made good grades and were very involved in athletics. On the other hand, we were very rebellious and often confused without our mother (duh!). Our father didn’t know how to handle our teenage hormones on top of some very serious grief and pain. I took a lot of leadership with my sister and truly learned my innate ability to lead with love. As you know, some of the most “terrible” things that happen to us usually shape who we are and what we’re about!


When I got to graduate school, I was awakened by the anxiety and depression that had always been a part of me due to my childhood. I realized I had never dealt with my own trauma because I had been too busy taking care of my family. I decided I wanted to do something about it and knew that I needed to help myself before helping others. 


The first avenue I took to healing was yoga. Some of my professors shared the effectiveness of yoga in helping anxiety and depression and my interest was piqued. I can remember spending many times sobbing in child’s pose when I started yoga. I could physically feel pain releasing from my body and knew my life was changing for the better. I have now been practicing for almost 10 years. I am now a registered yoga instructor and using the healing powers of yoga to help my clients. 


The second avenue I took to healing was talk therapy. It took me many times to find a therapeutic fit and I started to wonder if therapy was even effective for me. Finally, I found my angel, my therapist, the person who changed my life. She understood me, she let me cry, she taught me skills to let go of the past and live a happy life. I want to be that person for you but if I am not, don’t give up, you will find your person!